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An unrepresented vote is a vote that will not be represented in the legislature because it did not go to the winning candidate.


My name is Julien Lamarche(@cyclingzealot). I am a volunteer for Fair Vote Canada(@FairVoteCanada), an organization that does public education and lobbying to change the voting system so that more votes count.

That's it folks!

If you're seeing this message, there's probably something that changed in the data source of the election agency meaning the code can't compile results anymore! Head over to or for more data

Winner-take-all :

Winner-take-all systems (both first past the post and preferential ballot - ie Alternative Vote) have a high rate of wasted or unrepresented votes. But most democracies have moved on to some form of proportional voting system which greatly diminish the lack of representation (to about 5% of unrepresented votes). A proportional voting system also eliminates false government majorities.

If you wish to help :
  • Go Sign the Declaration of Voters Rights
  • Share:
  • Donate to Fair Vote Canada
  • Retweet relevant @cyclingzealot, #wastedvotes tweets during the election
  • After the election, follow and retweet @FairVoteCanada and #fairvote
More information is available on the website of Fair Vote Canada

Results compiled on 2018-09-23 01:46:17 PDT. Data used for individual ridings may be from 0 to 30 minutes late.

Code available on Github. If you add "?format=csv" you will get the votes for each party in every riding in tabular format.

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